Meet the team

Here is the awesome team who help make Makersphere a reality. We are a group of volunteers that are passionate about getting more schools, teachers & children into programming.

Lara Lowe (@MaryMagsPiClub):

Lara is a TA at St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary School where Makersphere is held. Her passion for technology grew from wanting to get more children in her school into programming so along with Jan they set up Mary Mags Pi Club. Lara is also a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator.

Jan Clemo (@MaryMagsPiClub):

Jan is a HLTA at St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary School where Makersphere is held and has been ICT lead there for a number of years. She has always had a passion to introduce programming to a very young age and loves all things tech.

Rachel Lancaster (@ItsAll_Geek2Me):

Rachel Lancaster is a Product and Business Development Manager for CPC.
Rachel has a keen interest in all things Microbit, CodeBug, Education, Wearable Tech and Soldering.
She’s a regular workshop organiser, and general good egg.
You’ll recognise her as the one giving out free hugs.

Les Pounder (@biglesp):

Les Pounder is a lover of all things Pi(e) and works with the Raspberry Pi Foundation and the micro:bit Foundation to help children and adults learn how to become makers and create projects that excite, inform and educate.

He also likes Greggs and #Pounderland.

Joshua Lowe (@all_ about_code):

Josh has been into technology from a very young age and loves everything about it. He does a lot of work with the Raspberry Pi & micro:bit. He is developing his own program called EduBlocks which is a program to hopefully help make the transition from Scratch to Python easier.